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“As a keen crusader for green energy, I believe in conserving energy and protecting our environment”- Su-Kam’s customer who opted for solar power for his home in Gurgaon

An increasing shift is being witnessed amongst people towards utilizing renewable sources of energy for meeting their domestic energy needs

In a modern neighbourhood in Greenwood city in Gurgaon, Haryana, Su-Kam has installed an off grid solar power system in a duplex villa which caters to the electricity needs of a major portion of the household by using the power of sunlight. An elaborate (optimum) setting of solar panels at the rooftop helps the solar power plant to convert solar energy into power.

The owners of the house, Mrs Tutul & Mr Bankim Jain talk excitedly about their big step into the field of renewable energy utilization for meeting their generic power needs. “My interest in science ever since my school days, encouraged me towards utilizing renewable sources of energy for meeting my electricity needs when I decided to renovate my house late in 2012.” says Mr Bankim Jain, a noted celebrity wedding cinematographer from Delhi-NCR.

“The installed solar power system offers a capacity of 4 KW. We have prioritized and scheduled our Solar Powerpower guzzling electronics in a way to get the maximum return from the power being generated during the day, meeting a major portion of my domestic energy needs. This also helps in keeping the stored battery power through Solar Charging to be used during night time. As a keen crusader for green energy, I believe in conserving energy and protecting our environment, whether by using LEDs instead of CFLs or by water recharging. I have always believed in doing the same thing but differently.” He further adds “Along with changes in MCBs & rewiring we have put our major load on Solar Power.”

Mrs. Tutul Jain added “We have also made changes in our kitchen by shifting major cooking process of food to Induction & Microwave. This further helps control the recurring gas expense in our kitchen.”

Speaking about his initial thoughts on the solar plant installation, he says, “The solar power system once installed, supplies uninterrupted power to meet most household needs in addition to being long lasting (25 years), green and pollution free. As there is a lot of dust in India we have kept scope for the cleaning process of the panels on regular intervals. Although the recurring cost of the system is the battery change every 5 years but with proper maintenance & care of battery bank the said cost can be kept in waiting for many years.”

Speaking on the challenges he faced before getting the plant installed, Bankim says, “In India, it is difficult to gather information on new technologies like solar power installations for households. However, once I got in touch with the concerned experts from Su-Kam in this area, my initial apprehensions about ROI, maintenance and other details like installation capacity for meeting my desired needs were met promptly.”

Adding a note for people who should opt for solar energy to meet their power needs, he says “People are not aware of the various long term advantages of installing solar power systems at residences. With every passing day, the cost of non-renewable fuel is increasing thereby leading to an escalation in electricity cost. In the next few years, the cost of using energy from fossil fuels will rise at such an alarming rate that more and more people will realize the importance of renewable energy for meeting their domestic energy needs.” he added

Su-Kam bags project to install solar power systems in 40000 rural homes in Uttar Pradesh

  • The project is a part of UPNEDA’s ‘Lohia Awas Project’ to provide electricity to rural households


Su-Kam has bagged a first of its kind large scale solar project in Uttar Pradesh to install and commission solar power systems in 40000 rural households in the state. The company has bagged this prestigious project after winning a tender from Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA), which has been assigned this project under the “Lohia Awas Project” by the Govt. of UP.


As part of this project, Su-Kam shall be installing “Solar PV power packs” in each of the rural houses. The project that aims to provide electricity to these 40000 homes shall span over a period of 1 year.

Su-Kam has already finished installation in first set of 7 homes in the Shahpur Majgaon village in rural UP where the solar installation under this project has commenced.

Su-Kam to commission 1 MW solar power plant for Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh

  • The company bagged the solar project through a tender process amidst huge competition
  • The project commenced from February 2014 onwards; Expected to be completed by June 2014

Su-Kam has recently bagged a project to commission a 1 MW solar power plant for Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh. The project requires Su-Kam to set up and maintain the solar system installed for a period of 10 years. This initiative of Su-Kam is in line with CREST’s (Chandigarh Renewable Energy Science and Technology Promotion Society) master plan to make Chandigarh a solar city through their ‘solar city programme’.

Su-Kam bagged the solar project through a tender process amidst huge competition from various other companies. The Su-Kam solar team shall be responsible for assessing the site, drawing out a detailed engineering plan & customized structure for setting up the solar system on the university’s premises.

Chandigarh-Indian Express- Jan23

Su-Kam had earlier launched its complete range of rooftop solar products for Punjab in 2013. The company’s wide array of rooftop solar products/solutions is designed to meet the power needs of a wide range of consumers; starting from small households to large institutions. The company had launched rooftop products in the capacities ranging from 250 VA to 500 KVA.

Su-Kam has already made rapid strides in reducing the dependence of consumers on electricity supply from the grid in Punjab. The company has installed a 50 KW solar power plant at Shivalik Public school in Patiala, which has brought down the dependence of the school on electricity from the grid to zero.

Su-Kam signs MoU with Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. to sell its solar products to rural masses in UP & Uttarakhand

Su-Kam has signed an MoU with Dhampur Sugar Mills (Dhampur), one of the leading integrated sugarcane processing companies in India to make Su-Kam’s technologically advanced & best-in-class solar products available to rural masses. According to the MoU signed, Dhampur shall sell Su-Kam’s range of solar products to rural masses through their E-HAATs in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The Su-Kam solar products shall be offered at best prices to the E-HAAT and made available to the rural customers.

E–HAATS run by Dhampur Sugar Mills are retail outlets present in over 350 villages in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand which cater to the rural masses present in every nook and corner of these two states. E-HAAT is the one-stop shop for the rural masses for agricultural equipments, biofertilizers, soil testing and other agri services etc. offered to them at the best industry prices; several at subsidized rates.

According to the MoU, a range of solar products from the Su-Kam stable shall be displayed in the E-HAAT. These solar products shall enable the rural customers to derive maximum power from the sun and fulfill all their power generation and back up needs. Su-Kam’s best in class solar products like Brainy, the world’s first Solar Hybrid UPS shall enable the customer to install the complete solar system at his home and utilize the solar energy generated from the panel to charge the battery and reduce his consumption from grid power and thereby reduce his electricity bills.

Another product from Su-Kam called the Solar Charge Controller shall facilitate the customer to easily convert his conventional inverter to a solar inverter. Su-Kam shall also provide to the customer solar lighting systems like the Solar Home lighting Systems, Sunglow, Sparkle etc. that shall enable him to charge the lighting systems through the solar panels in the daytime and utilize its energy to light up his home at night without any hassles!

Dhampur also plans to launch an Online store that shall enable the customer to order required products online and have it delivered to his residence without the hassle of visiting the store. It also helps the customers in saving transportation costs and choosing from a wide variety/range of products that are on display in the online store. Su-Kam’s range of solar products shall also be available in the Online E-HAAT stores.

In addition to selling the products, Dhampur shall also be advertising and marketing Su-Kam’s solar products through Display Vans, Road Shows etc. Dhampur shall also arrange marketing of Su-Kam products on its Online Business Portal.

Su-Kam expands its solar presence in North East India; makes its first solar installation of Tripura in the capital city Agartala

  • The project was a part of Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency’s plan (TREDA) to make Tripura one of the model solar states in the country
  • Su-Kam is till date, the largest provider of solar powered back-up solution in North East India
  • Su-Kam has also bagged solar projects from TREDA to install a cumulative capacity of 600 Kw to electrify hospitals and primary health centers at 95 sites across 8 districts of Tripura recently

Su-Kam is rapidly expanding its solar presence in North East India. The company has made its first solar installation of Tripura in the capital city Agartala in the newly-built modern Ujjayanta Market Complex in the city recently. Su-Kam was assigned to commission, install and maintain this solar project by Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) in Agartala.

solar installation in Agratala, Tripura

The solar system was inaugurated at a ceremony held recently in Agartala. The inauguration was presided over by Smt. Bijita Nath, Hon’ble Minister, Dept. of Science, Technology & Environment, Tripura; Sri Prafullajit Sinha, Hon’ble Chairperson of Agartala Municipal Council and Mr Ashish Sethi, Associate VP-Solar Business, Su-Kam. This solar project is a part of TREDA’s ‘Agartala Solar City Programme’ to make Agartala one of the model solar cities in North East India.

The off grid 45 KW-capacity Solar PV plant installed in the Ujjayanta Market Complex is one of the projects in the state government’s ambitious plan to turn Agartala into a solar city in the coming years. 25% of the building’s total requirement shall be met by the solar PV power plant installed in the market complex.

Speaking at the occasion, Ashish Sethi, Vice President, Solar Business, Su-Kam said, “We at Su-Kam realize that the future of the power industry in India is going to be driven by the renewable energy sector primarily dominated by solar energy. As part of our solar plan this fiscal, we shall continue making solar power available to both the residential as well as commercial sector in North East India.”

“We are very pleased to make our first solar installation in Agartala through this project and look forward to making further contributions with our expertise in solar in other parts of Tripura as well. We are looking at making our solar presence felt in homes, offices, institutions like schools, colleges, government buildings, hospitals, commercial establishments etc. in the state.” He added.

Su-Kam has also bagged solar projects from TREDA to install a cumulative capacity of 600 Kw to electrify hospitals and primary health centers at 95 sites across 8 districts of Tripura recently. Another off grid solar PV plant order of 30 Kw (25 Kw and 5 Kw) cumulative capacity has been bagged by Su-Kam to electrify two girls hostels in Agartala.

Largest provider of solar powered back-up solution in North East India
Over the last few years, Su-Kam has become the largest provider of solar powered back-up solutions in North East India. The company has till date installed solar powered backup solutions to the capacity of over 1 MW; the largest in the North East region. One of the landmark projects undertaken by the company is the Assam Rifles Project which required Su-Kam to supply, install, commission and maintain off-grid solar power plants installed for Assam Rifles in various locations in NE India.

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